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Lesson in Water flow through pipes and fittings.

In-compressible water, speeds up as its pushed through a short narrower opening.

flow1 flow 2

When it returns to a larger pipe bore it returns to its natural speed.

venturi effectVenturi jpeg


Volume remains unchanged as water is in- compressible and returns to its previous flow volume after passing through the short narrower opening.


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Gripmax Agri Pipes & Fittings

We developed our own fitting back in 2009. Why?

When the fitting that was being imported into Ireland from Australia no longer was available. We had no choice. Hydrodare / Alkathene pipes are made from Low density ( soft ) materials and are best sealed using an insert system.

As end users we were not happy with the “new” fitting, so having 30 years experience in plastic fittings it made sense for us to produce our own!!

Now almost 9 years later GRIPMAX is thriving nationwide. Its now available nationwide through leading Retailers / Co ops / Merchants etc.

Its so popular we have had to appoint distributors to the east and west to keep up with demand.pressure-test

NOW in 2014 we are introducing our own GRIPMAX Hydrodare/ Alkathene Pipe System to compliment our Gripmax fittings range.


GRIPMAX PIPES AND FITTINGS will be covered my our Manufacturers warranty. The only AGRI fitting and pipe system available in Ireland with such a warranty.

“If its a Gripmax fitting on a Gripmax pipe your covered. Guaranteed!

With our on call, dedicated,  aftersales team on the road nationwide making sure your needs are met year round.

Its in your interest to make sure you choose Gripmax Pipes and Fittings.



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