Driveway drain

Deep section Channel.


Our deep section channel is ideal for those areas prone to heavy pooling of water. Galvanized or plastic. Always Heel safe with locking units available. All that and at an unbeatable price.

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Distribution Boxes


Which one? Polylok of course.


The distribution box is a most important component of a septic system. Without even distribution of effluent, the drain field will be used unevenly. As trenches in the drainfield become overloaded, portions of the drain field will fail. The result of a poorly functioning septic distribution box is untreated wastewater appearing on the surface of the soil in the drainfield.

Make the right choice.

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Driveway drain

NEW patented Click Channel Drain


We now carry the patented Click and connect Channel Drain from Dakota.

No need for corner pieces to turn left or right.

Side reeds along the length of the channel knit with the poured concrete to make the ultimate stable base.

Galvanized or PP covers can be locked into position with Block system.

Heel Safe slots as standard.

130 x 120 offers up to 35% more capacity than some competitors.

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